The system use our patented BilcoFlex protections having Type Approval Certificate by BUREAU VERITAS AND NOT A SIMPLE WITNESS DECLARATION IN THE CERTIFICATE. System that has resistance to explosion, as per blast test certificate, and fire resistance up to 120 minutes.THE INTEGRATED BILCO ME-EFTIES (F.T.S.) PROGRAM FOR HYDROCARBON POOL FIRE (UL 1709) AND JET FIRE (ISO 22899-1 / OTI 95 634).

This project presentation will give you a general overview of our integrated solution EFTIES (F.T.S. = Fire + Thermal + Sound) of Passive Fire Protections combined with components for noise reduction, sound absorp-tion or/and thermal protection for a perfect energy preserva-tion for steel piping and cable trays having even the finality to give personnel protections when the utilities have a working temperature over 60°C. All in a single blanket layer.

We stand strong behind our products and services and will take every step possible to ensure that all standards are met, as we know that without superior quality, there is no point in providing products. The quality standards, criteria, and specifications that we confirm you are at the highest possible levels in this type of industry. Our quality system is estab-lished to meet and to maintain the requirements of our BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and ISO 14001.

Possibility to control internal temperature in Cable Tray thanks to the natural ventilation. We may generate thanks to intumescent grids at protection of the system.


With just one layer of EFTIES you will obtain the following advantages:

  1. Personnel protection against contact with a hot surface, the temperature remain hot even if you use intumescent paint.
  2. Passive fire protection.
  3. Thermal insulation
  4. Sound absorption
  5. Cost reduction compared to the traditional multi layer application for obtainingthe above effects.
  6. Guarantee up to 10 years.
  7. Easy installation.
  8. Quick installation.
  9. Easy disassembling.
  10. Easy modification if change happens in the line.
  11. Ventilation inside the protected cable tray for increasing the cable life.
  12. For feeding lines no necessary to have final drawing because EFTIES are flexible.
  13. Full healthy for the personnel.